The mediation process:

Bardwell Park Mediation Lawyers

If you have experienced a family breakdown, the cost of expensive court proceedings can add pressure to what is already a stressful and emotional situation. With court proceedings stretching out for years in some cases, going to court can put moving on with your life, on hold.

As mediators, we facilitate communication between the parties, helping them to understand each other’s position and come to a collaborative agreement without the intervention of the courts.

Mediation can assist you and your partner discuss and settle all the issues that are pertinent to your relationship, no matter how big or small. From the division of property to parenting matters, child support, school fees, extra curricula expenses and even who gets the family pet we have the experience to take a consultative, facilitative and if required, an evaluative approach to your dispute.

By giving you the space to discuss your matters in detail, mediation can often assist parties in avoiding future conflicts where children are involved and allow you to lay the foundations for a positive co-parenting relationship.

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